Monday, February 9, 2009

The Future of the Internet

I believe that the biggest influence on Internet innovation will be the bandwidth caps that are being imposed on customers by their ISPs. Comcast imposed a 250 gigabyte monthly bandwidth cap, and Charter is imposing a 100 gigabyte bandwidth cap.

All of these great new technologies such as streaming online video are amazing, but similar advances will not occur if people have less bandwidth available to them in the future than they do in the present. Internet service providers need to dedicate more money to the development of new high speed networks instead of focusing on throttling their more tech savvy customers. Because of all these reasons I believe that the rate at which Internet technology is growing will experience a slight decrease over the next few years. Be careful not to misread what I am saying. Internet technology will continue to grow, but the rate at which it grows will slow down temporarily.

Oh yeah; there is gonna be a lot more porn on the Internet in the future. There will also be some kind of sex chair that people can buy and hook up to their computer. The sex chair will come with a VR unit that people can wear on their heads, then people will start having virtual sex with other cyber sluts all the time. Once this happens many people will no longer continue to be productive members of society or pursue real life relationships. Then those that have resisted the allures of the sex chair will rise up and take back the world. They will impose their rule over all, and force everyone to worship a specific deity, probably Allah.

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  1. Umm....I'm not sure how to respond to the last paragraph