Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Favorite Fraudulent Faith Healer: Prophet Peter Popoff

Whenever I am engaged in the verbal exchange of ideas with other humans and the topic of favorite faith healers becomes the focus of the conversation, Prophet Peter Popoff immediately "pops" into my brain.

Like many other famous faith healers, Popoff experienced his greatest heyday in the hedonistic decade commonly referred to as the 80's. After being exposed as a fraud and declaring bankruptcy in 1987, the prophet went into hiding. However, he returned to early morning cable television in the mid-2000s. It was around this time that Popoff popularity went through the metaphorical roof thanks to his Miracle Spring Water.

Prophet Peter Popoff brings a smorgasbord of free faith healing items straight from the ancient land of Jesus conveniently to your US Postal Service Mailbox. Legendary items the prophet freely gives his most trusted believers include Miracle Manna, Green Prosperity Oil, Holy Land Annointing Oil, the Healing Hands Prayer Cloth, and Miracle Spring Water (which may or may not kill you if you drink it). Be sure to sign up for some free Miracle Manna today on his website and be the envy of all your local pagans. While not my favorite Popoffian religious artifact, Miracle Manna is a sufficient item for use in restoring one's success in a life, gaining a free trip to heaven, and obtaining a beautiful woman that is lusted over by many men.

I wouldn't recommend Prophet Peter Popoff to people that are interested in seeking a genuine relationship with a deity for enlightenment or for the sake of doing what is right. I recommend Prophet Popoff for those that are solely concerned with using religious worship as a means to obtain financial wealth and more frequent occurrences of unprotected sex with strangers.

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  1. You wouldnt happen to have popoffs cell number...?